• Refund Policy for the European Rhinoplasty Course 

- 80% refund if written cancellation received 1 month before the start of the event.

- 50% refund if written cancellation received 14 days before the start of the event

- 20% refund if written cancellation received 7 days before the start of the event

- No refund if cancelled less then 7 days before the start of the event.

  • Additional Tips for VISA application

The following documentation is needed for a VISA in Belgium:

1/ Prove that you are in Belgium for:

-a short period of time

-what the purpose is off your stay. Fill out Business then the visa takes only a few days to get.

-If your stay is extended with a few days off vacation you need to mention where and inform authorities about your hotel stay (for these few days of vacation after business)

2/ You need detailed proof of hotel confirmation in Brussels (and for extended stay), with number of nights and days

3/ You need to transmit the congress program (ask us) to authorities, so they know what days you follow the course and on what hour sessions are running (only for Brussels)


4/ Passport caption

5/ Invitation letter Complete (ask us)


6/ An essential point, is that you need to prove that you will go back to your country:

-Flight bookings

-Letter from your hospital stating that need you back and proof that you are employed there (with date)

7/ Proof your financial situation:

-a copy of your salary sheet

-Bank account statement


8/ Travel insurance

European Rhinoplasty Course


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